Thank you for trying PriceMedic

PriceMedic is the product of a shared frustration with the American Healthcare System, years of hard work, and an epic friendship.

We met and became best friends in high school math class. We launched the first version of pricemedic.com as a simple search tool for cash prices at hospitals in Colorado from Josh's bedroom in August 2021. Since we first launched, PriceMedic has supported more than 98,000 pricing queries from more than 28,000 users.

In May 2023, Josh and Katie graduated in computer science and statistics from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and Rice University in Houston, TX. Since our graduation, we have been working full-time to gather and catalog terabytes of data to add to PriceMedic's searchable database. So far, every part of PriceMedic has been designed and built by the two of us. Today, there are billions of searchable prices on PriceMedic.

If you have comments, questions, suggestions, or anything else you want to tell us, you can send us a message on the Contact Us page or send us an email at team@pricemedic.com. We reply to every message from our users.

We hope you like it.

Katie & Josh