Frequently asked questions

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I will be paying with the help of insurance. Can I still use priceMedic to shop around?

Not yet! All of the prices currently in priceMedic's database represent the hospitals' out-of-pocket costs for each searchable procedure. If you're paying with the help of health insurance, public or private, these costs won't be accurate for you unless they're lower than your deductible.

What are procedure bundles?

Surgeries and other major procedures often require additional supporting procedures like laboratory testing, imaging, aftercare, or facility costs. PriceMedic's bundle feature provides cost estimates for the total amounts billed for common, major procedures and surgeries. This feature is in very early testing stage, so make sure to double check our estimates with your hospital's billing department before you book.

I can't find the procedure I'm looking for. Can you help me?

Maybe! Send us an email at with the procedure you're looking for and a location to search from and we'll search on our end and let you know.

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